About Us

Hi Everyone and welcome to Team Wild Speed,

We are a proud and established Australian company that has been operating for years. Our passion and knowledge for performance vehicles is reflected tremendously through the range of products and services available for our customers through Australia and World Wide.

Our aim and focus is to become a complete one stop location for our customers in terms of products and services with friendly, courteous, skilled and knowledgeable staff.

Our products and parts division specialise in New and Used Parts for all types and models of cars and can source absolutely anything at very reasonable prices. We have strong contacts with suppliers in Australia and Overseas to ensure that you receive your ordered products at the best possible price within the shortest period of time.

We are trusted by our customers as we have extensive experience in many of the rarest imported vehicles in the world.

Please feel free to send all enquiries through to info@teamwildspeed.com.au or contact us at your convenience to discuss products and services offered.

We will continue to work hard and provide our customers with unmatched service, skills and professionalism and strive to excel beyond your needs.

Thank you for visiting Team Wild Speed and we hope you enjoy your online experience!

Team Wild Speed